Every month, TBM pastors and ministry leaders come together locally across the GTA as clusters for fellowship, prayer and encouragement. These clusters also provide rich occassions for Baptist leaders to connect and mentor one another.

If you would like to attend a cluster meeting, have questions, or need to update the schedule or meeting locations of your cluster, contact our administrator Jared at

If you are willing to lead a group or start a new cluster, please contact Michel Belzile.

Cluster Groups

This cluster usually meets on the last Wednesday of each month (12:00pm - 1:30pm) in various TBM churches in Halton, Peel, Etobicoke and West Toronto for a brown bag lunch and a time of prayer, fellowship and encouragement. Email Justin to add your name to the mailling list or to confirm the time and place.

West GTA Cluster

Justin Joplin & Kenneth Foo


This cluster usually meets monthly on the last Tuesday of each month (10:30am - 12:00pm) in local TBM churches in Central and East Toronto. The format consists of sharing each others stories and a time of prayer for one another. Email Jennifer to add your name to the mailing list or to confirm the time and place.

Central GTA Cluster

Abby Davidson & David Thomas


This cluster usually meets on the last Thursday of each month (10:30am - 12:00pm) at Markham Chinese Baptist Churches. This cluster serves the local TBM churches in Scarborough, North York, and East Toronto. Our cluster's format consists of personal sharing on our soul and ministry, and a time of praying together. The purpose is to be a place of vulnerability, encouragement and support for ministry leaders. Email Freddy to add your name to the mailing list or to confirm the time and place.

Northeast GTA Cluster

Freddy Lam & Paul Lam


This closed Facebook group, TBM Youth enables TBM Youth and Young Adult leaders to collaborate, share, and help resource each other as they live and work in ministry. This space is for discussions, to plan events, and share successes and struggles. This group also meets periodical for lunch. Contact Jon Matthews by email or through Facebook to join this cluster group.

TBM Youth (Closed Facebook Group)

Jon Matthews & Sam Lee


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