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CBOQ Grants

In addition to TBM Missional Grants, TBM member churches, in good standing, are also eligible to apply for CBOQ Grants.

In the case of CBOQ grants, you will need to request a letter of support from the moderator of TBM affirming that you are a TBM member church in good standing and that we affirm your grant proposal. All requests for a letter of support for a CBOQ grant should to be sent to along with a brief synopsis of your grant proposal, at least one week before the CBOQ application deadline.

A TBM church in good standing (for the purpose of grants) is defined as a TBM church that supports the work of TBM both financially and through active participation. A TBM church in good standing must meet at least two of the following three requirements:

  1. The TBM member church has contributed financially to the work of TBM for at least two or the past three years.

  2. The TBM member church has sent a representative to a TBM AGM or ordination examining council in two of the last three years.

  3. The TBM member church has had a representative serve as a TBM board member, AMC member or a cluster group leader, in the past three years.

Contact our TBM director, Bonnie Parsons to learn more about becoming a TBM church in good standing.


Check out the CBOQ Grants webpage below for more information.

Deadlines for CBOQ Grant Applications

  • The spring deadline is April 15 for grants that will begin on July 1

  • The fall deadline is October 15 for grants that will begin January 1

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