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Director’s Report

May to August 2023

All praise and thanksgiving belong to our God for how He has guided me and given me wisdom for the first three months in my new role as TBM director. By His grace, He has enabled me to visit (attended Sunday service) 2 churches, preach at 5 churches, meet with 3 pastors for sharing and prayer, and attend 2 events, namely the ordination of Rev. Edwin Chan at Logos Mississauga Baptist Church on June 4 and the Northeast Cluster Meeting at Spring Garden Baptist Church on June 29.

I am scheduled to preach in two other churches in the coming weeks and I will be leading the installation of Ptr. Erwin Jardin as the new senior pastor of Ferndale Baptist Church on September 24.

As I preached in our churches, this gave me the opportunity to bring them greetings from our TBM family and I also had the privilege to share about TBM ministries to two of the churches who gave me time to do so.

It is such a joy to meet the bigger family of TBM churches, to get to know the pastors and meet some of the leaders and members of the churches. We are to encourage one another all the more as we see the day of the Lord approaching.

If there are some pastors who need a break or who need someone to take care of the pulpit while you go on vacation or have some health challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can see if I can be of help on the days you need a speaker.

We have referred two pastors to CBOQ who are interested in getting credentialed. Do reach out to me if you or your pastor wants to be ordained or get accreditation with CBOQ.

We are here to serve you, our TBM family of churches. Please feel free to reach out to us if we can help in any way with some of your needs. We are one family and we would like to share the resources God has provided to us so we can bless one another.

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